Our Story

Hivern is a New Zealand home fragrance company making considered and beautiful products, founded in Wellington by Tamara and Christopher Tubbs. The Hivern name comes from the Catalan word for ‘Winter’, which the couple associate with being cosy at home with their two boys: Sebastian, 9 and Harvey, 4. Their drive is to translate memories and emotions into products and experiences.

“We’ve been lucky enough to spend lots of time travelling around Europe during the last 20 years” says Tamara. “Christopher spending summers in Ibiza DJing and me spending a lot of time absorbing culture while working in London and Paris”. Their experiences have given them a feel for European elegance seen through a New Zealander’s lens and it’s this aesthetic they’ve brought to Hivern.

All the scents from their home fragrance collection are inspired by Tamara and Christopher’s recollections and favourite places. Each candle and room diffuser comes with a curated playlist by Christopher to evoke and accompany the scent memory. “For us, lighting a candle and listening to music is a very special and personal pleasure” says Christopher. “Sometimes it’s the simple things that positively transform our spaces and moods”.